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Prodport in a Nutshell

Mauritz Dressler

As we’ve gathered through numerous conversations with our community, the concept behind Prodport sometimes seems to have a bit of a learning curve.  So, we took it upon ourselves to put together this write-up to help you get a better grasp on what exactly Prodport is, what it’s capable of, how it is actually working,  and what you can achieve using it. 

But before we push on, just keep in mind that it’ll be easier to understand if you put yourself in the shoes of your own audience, AKA the online shoppers. 

Prodport’s magic happens exclusively on the product page. We subscribe to the idea that the product page is, without a doubt, the most important aspect of any online shop (see more in this article). So, what exactly does Prodport do there? Put simply, it swaps available product content to optimized product content that is more relevant for the visiting customer. That could be for instance changing text, updating images, adding  sections. 

There could be hundreds of Versions for a single product, but the goal remains the same—to optimize how you communicate the product’s benefits to the end consumer. Now, Prodport allows for two ways of doing this: classical A/B testing, or personalization. To elaborate on the latter, by importing your UTM parameters from Facebook Ads, you can create a Product Version that that gets displayed whenever someone comes to the product from the specified ad. But this is just the tip of the iceberg: geolocation, events, CRM/CDP data, and many more parameters can be leveraged to optimize your product experience.  

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For every unique visit, Prodport matches against the set of Contexts that you built. If the visitor matches one of the contexts, your better product content is delivered in real-time to your frontend. As a result, the potential consumer doesn’t see a generic-looking product page. Instead, they see the Contextualized Version of that product page, one which is optimized to specifically align with their interests and preferences, seemingly tailor-made for them.  

To make sure our magic works, we provide detailed product analytics reports so you can easily analyze the impact of your Product Versions on sales. That way, you can take the leaning of how your Product Versions perform to update your base product to match the best performing A/B test, but also identify opportunities to create new Product Versions and further push your conversion rate. Prodport helps you every step of the way through market intelligence insights and experience driven suggestions, learning from all online shops on which strategies work and which don’t.

I hope that gave you good insight into what Prodport is put simply, but feel invited to reach out to us if you have any more questions!

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