Create Personalized Product Pages that Convert.

Boost sales on your Product Pages by rapidly deploying customized images, titles, and descriptions to suit the preferences of every individual shopper in the matter of minutes.

Build Product Pages for Each Audience

  • Personalized Product Content
  • AI-Driven Content Generation
  • Lightning-Fast Content Delivery
  • Advanced Segmentation

Personalized Product Content

Easily increase conversions on your product pages by customizing and optimizing titles, images, and descriptions for each and every individual shopper

AI-Driven Content Generation

Unleash the power of AI with our intelligent product composer, generating captivating and unique product titles and descriptions. Utilize your existing media from social media to enhance your product presentation automatically.

Lightning-Fast Content Delivery

Experience unmatched speed with our headless product page architecture. Enjoy rapid content delivery without any need to modify your URL, layout, or tech stack.

Advanced Segmentation

Target your audience with precision using a comprehensive range of criteria, including traffic sources, visit count, location, events, behavior, date, and more.

Across the Platform

Conversion Rate
Add To Cart
Bounce Rate

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Chirp increases conversion rate by 49.7% with Prodport

  • Maximize Email and SMS campaign revenue.
  • Unleash Better ROAS

Maximize Email and SMS campaign revenue.

Boost your campaign revenue and drive conversion with our powerful email and SMS campaign connectors. Personalize product page experiences with first-party data. Segment your Product Page to connect with your target campaign audience, for a consistent experience.

Unleash Better ROAS. At Lightning Speed

Seamlessly connect, optimize, and automate your content using paid ad audiences, ensuring maximum cross-channel retargeting and prospecting. Say goodbye to iOS 14.5 “tracking blindness” with Prodport’s powerful ad connector, maximizing your return on ad spend (ROAS). Delight your subscribers with smoother, personalized experiences that drive revenue.

How it Works

Connect Prodport to your store

Sign up for the free version, and follow the prompts to accept Shopify’s partner app request. Then select the product you would like to test first.

Test a selected product

Once you’ve selected the product to test, Prodport will automatically create three new versions for testing, generate new descriptions and titles, and recognize the images. You accept, edit, and rework the copy before publishing the test. After, simply click ‘Publish’ to run the live test.

Analyze and optimize your product content

Gain visibility into your audience’s bounce rate, time on page, add-to-cart increase, and revenue on the account, product, and version level. You can pause

Build to work with the best tools

Our Success Stories.

  • orange_quote
    Briggs Rajagopalan
    "As part of our quest to offer a full personalized experiences to our clients, we envisioned a personalized product page that adapts its content to our customers needs in real time. Prodport does just that.”
  • blue_quote
    Heather Stouffer
    "Prodport enabled us to quickly create and deliver new and relevant product page experiences, and most important – deliver them to the right customers.  Before Prodport, we did not think this was possible.  We’re seeing terrific results and return on investment, and we highly recommend Propdort for any online store.”
  • blue_quote
    Elina Furman
    “It’s been an amazing experience to see the conversions, and the add to cart increases, it’s really amazing how seamless it is: I can change my product page in basically 5 seconds and test different product page versions to see which one converts better”.
  • orange_quote
    Glenn Murray
    "If you're looking for a way to incrementally improve conversions by personalizing content, you can't go wrong with ProdPort. Highly recommend!"
  • prodport-feature-1

    Let your product pages adapt and select the best titles, images, and descriptions for each shopper.

  • prodport-feature-2

    Generate fresh product titles and descriptions with our AI-powered product composer, and automatically use existing media from your socials.

  • prodport-feature-3

    Enjoy lightning-fast content delivery with our headless product page architecture, with no changes to your URL, layout or tech stack.

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