Boost your store's revenue by personalizing & testing your product page content.

Personalize and test all product page content for different product uses, locations, promotions personas, your customers shopping habits, and more to convert site visitors quickly to revenue

Adaptive Product Information for Shopify, effortlessly.

In a no-code interface, Prodport combines existing product information with new content generated by data mining and machine learning algorithms to boost conversions.

Test Product Page Content for Anonymous Traffic

Find the right combination of elements to increase chances of conversion, even for anonymous visitors.

  • Test everything from images, product titles, descriptions, and even locations for anonymous traffic.
  • Set your pages up to adapt to repeat visitors in real-time so each page is unique for every visit.
  • Use Prodport’s cold, warm, and hot traffic functionality to pinpoint where visitors are on their buyer journey.
  • Split test product page versions and decide what percentage of your total traffic goes into which iteration.

Real-Time Product Messaging: Targeted Offers, Banners, and Discount Codes

No more generic, one-size-fits-all offers. Tailor promotions and messages to each individual customer.

  • Offer custom-made promotions and discount codes to entice visitors into making a purchase.
  • Add contextual messaging to your pages to highlight product features or create a sense of urgency.
  • Welcome customers with a bespoke banner that can be customized by placement, size, and design.
  • Push timely and relevant messages for holidays like Mother’s Day, Black Friday, New Year’s, etc.

Create Better Paid Social and Google Ads

Create consistent customer experiences from one touchpoint to the next, on virtually any ad platform.

  • Get up to 1.9x ROAS increase* on your ads by adapting your product page content to your ad campaigns.
  • Provide relevant product page content to potential customers from awareness to purchase stage.
  • Track, measure, and analyze the impact of your campaigns on your conversions with accurate data.

Improve Email, SMS, & Outbound Messaging Conversion

Step up your messaging game. Turn email campaigns directly into product page content that flawlessly converts.

  • Supercharge your cart recovery campaign with specific messaging and relevant product page content.
  • Ensure that each customer gets curated content based on their current interests and behavioral segments.
  • Deliver location-relevant product info through Geofencing via apps, SMS, and in-app messaging.

Utilize User-Generated Content, Influencers, and Quizzes to Your Advantage

Tap into the potential of user-generated content to help build awareness and trust in your products.

  • Use images generated by influencers and incoming traffic from organic social content to drive conversion for your product pages.
  • Automatically adjust your product page to use collected data from your own product quizzes and customer surveys.
  • Drive traffic from your SEO-ready pages and instantly adapt your product content to the use case of your pages.

Personalize Product Page Content for Identified Returning Customers (1st Party Data)

Prodport uses first-party data to hone in on customer preferences, while keeping their data protected.

  • Connect your CDP, marketing, and eCommerce platforms to tailor product page content to each customer.
  • Keep user data private—Prodport only uses identifiers provided by your platform, we don’t collect any 1st party data.
  • Get better insights on your customers through first-party data and use it to improve your product pages.

No Programming Knowledge Necessary to Operate

Find the right combination of elements to increase chances of conversion, even for anonymous visitors.

  • Customize copy, banners, pop-ups, and more, all without having to learn how to code or find a developer with our WYSIWYG editor, automatic field mapping, and built-in media database (DAM).
  • Personalize entire product pages in an instant by simply linking your incoming traffic sources.
  • Integrate Prodport directly to your online shop with just a few clicks using our out-of-the-box Shopify and Magento connectors.

Reaching millions of customers daily.

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Our Success Stories.

  • blue_quote
    Celina Viray
    “With Prodport, we’re able to completely personalize our product catalog with a seamless Shopify integration. We’re a product-focused brand and it’s the only tool we’ve found that focuses on personalization for all aspects of our product detail page.”
  • green_quote
    Colin Kahyaoglu
    “We were barely surviving in a saturated market. By using Prodport, we could accurately adjust the content of our products to our customers. We instantly saw a surge in our conversion rate, as people continued to resonate with our value propositions.”
  • orange_quote
    Briggs Rajagopalan
    "As part of our quest to offer a full personalized experiences to our clients, we envisioned a personalized product page that adapts its content to our customers needs in real time. Prodport does just that.”

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