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5 Product Page Personalization Challenges—and How to Solve Them — Before Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Ohad Hecht

Personalization is not a buzzword—and it’s no longer an option for e-commerce brands. It’s now expected. In fact, a recent study from Elastic found that 88 percent of online shoppers are more likely to continue shopping on an e-commerce website that offers a personalized experience. For Gen Z and millennial shoppers, that number increases to 96 and 97 percent respectively.

Personalization is necessary, but not just for the main areas of your website, like your homepage. If you want to make more money during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, or any time of year, you have to personalize your product pages.

Until now, however, this has posed many challenges for e-commerce brands, especially small businesses. Personalizing your store is typically time-intensive and personalizing the product page was impossible

Don’t let these challenges slow you down ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the most important time of year for your business. Here’s how you can increase conversions and make more money with Prodport, without all the headaches.

Problem: It takes so much time to update website copy.

To personalize your product pages, you’d normally need to create multiple product pages—and that takes time. Yet, creating fresh copy for all of these pages is time-intensive. What’s more, replicating the same product page can lead to issues with SEO as well as product recommendations.

Avoid these issues, and spend less time personalizing, with Adaptive Product Information solutions, which use AI to generate copy at the snap of a finger.

Instead of spending hours writing more content, you can jump-start testing using all the work you’ve already done. Get your content updated quickly and easily now, instead of scrambling in the days and weeks leading up to these two big shopping holidays. Even better, with Prodport you can be nimble throughout the entire holiday season, updating pages as you get more data so you can continually increase conversions.

Problem: It costs too much money to invest in personalization software.

We know first-hand the costs associated with operating an e-commerce business; our team has been there. We also know that investing in software before seeing if it actually works is an obstacle for most small businesses. That’s why we allow you to see the results first with our free trial.

With Prodport’s free plan, you personalize one product and run an unlimited number of tests. More importantly, you’ll start seeing more conversions before your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales even begin. In addition, you can test our paid options with a free trial and then pay month-to-month, with a fee that’s based on the size of your company.

Try Prodport Free

Problem: We don’t have the internal teams and resources to implement a new personalization tool.

We have three words for you: No code needed. You’re working with a small team. That’s why our implementation and onboarding process is simple, no technical knowledge is required. We want to empower e-commerce brands at every level to personalize their product pages and this is one way we make that possible.

Once you’ve integrated with our native plugin (available for Shopify, Magento private app and PI for all other ecommerce platforms,), you simply choose the products you want to start testing and our AI engine gets to work. No need to update code or change URLs.

Furthermore, our dashboard offers insights and guides you for the best next actions like which product to personalize next, which context will work, or what content yields the highest engagement and revenue.

We’re there with you along the way, when you grow and have different team members, if your team members work remotely or if you’re using an agency. Our built-in work workflows enable collaboration and foster creativity and control over the content that goes live.

Problem: We have a hard time tracking what’s actually working.

Data and analytics are the foundation for any successful e-commerce business. Knowing what’s converting—and why—is crucial. That’s why Prodport is built on real-time data. Our analytics dashboard provides the insights you need to update your pages effectively well before the shopping surge begins. Some of the metrics you’ll access include:

  • Conversion rates vs. the base versions
  • Revenue generated from
  • Engagement score and bounce rate on your store
  • Product level the performance of each version

The key is starting the personalization process now. As the holiday gets closer, you can track the data to see which pages and products are converting and which ones need more work. When your site gets flooded with potential customers, you’ll be ready.

Problem: Implementing new software takes time.

In many cases, this is true, where onboarding and implementation is a multi-day or multi-week experience that requires time on the phone with an account manager. You don’t have that time, especially right now as we head into the busiest shopping season of the year.

We make personalization possible without all that extra communication and time required. In fact, the integration and onboarding process can be done in minutes. In that time, you can get connected to our platform, set up your first personalization test, and publish it.

You’re just five clicks away from setting up your account.

Personalize Your Product Pages Before Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Personalization doesn’t need to be a heavy lift—but it does need to happen before Black Friday and Cyber Monday get here. Instead of relying on clunky software that’s time-consuming or requires you to hire more help, get started with Prodport now. When these two big shopping days roll around, you’ll be ready to convert every shopper that lands on your website.

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