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Want your customers to love your products as much as you do?

Ben Strumpf

Being a newly founded start-up ourselves, we know exactly how it feels to offer something you’re extremely passionate about. One of the most beautiful aspects of our business is that we get to know a lot of like-minded, committed people who love what they do.

Our mission is to enable businesses to present their products in such a way that their customers fall in love with them, too. That’s why Prodport is designed to display product benefits that address the exact needs of that product’s audience.

The soul wants what it wants

Many businesses make one big mistake when promoting their products. They have a very clear vision of their own offering and are convinced about its use and value. However, by making this internal belief the foundation of their product communication strategy, companies neglect the fact that people have very different opinions, lifestyles, and needs. Experienced marketersmarketeers know that consumers don’t search for specific products – they search for solutions that meet their actual needs or solve a certain problem.



However, identifying and responding to those needs is just the first step to converting an audience into customers. It’s a starting point that might turn your product into a relevant offering but nothing more. People won’t love your products just because they’re relevant. Making customers crave their products is what differentiates marketeers that excel.

Spread the love

Do you remember the last time you fell in love? No matter if it was a person or an awesome handbag, the butterflies in your stomach typically start to fly when you feel seen. When you feel deeply connected with the object of desire and visualize yourself with it at your side (or over your shoulder). Now, this is the true task of successful product communication: ultimately making people fall in love.



How passionate businesses become love brands

As one of our first customers, FittPort started its own journey during the pandemic with the goal of equipping people with tools to keep or even enhance their fitness, health, and well-being. Although they were entering a highly competitive market, the FittPort team was convinced that their product offering stood out and so they searched for ways to effectively prove that.

With Prodport, they succeeded in delivering the same level of personalization their targeted Facebook ads offered to their product detail pages, thereby smoothly continuing the customer journey. The result: a much more precise product communication, an overall higher conversion rate, and a much higher return on ad spend.



Furesque, a company with a very niche business model, had a similar problem. They produce beautiful portraits of people and their pets, combining individual photos to create a unique visual memory for pet lovers. They already had a remarkably successful targeted product communication on social media but were lacking the opportunity to pursue this customer experience on their generic product detail pages. 

With Prodport, they can now keep and highlight the specific key value propositions throughout the whole customer journey, resonating with their audience at first sight. According to the brand manager, this is a huge benefit for the product-focused company.

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Passion is what triggers emotion, and emotion is the best buying assistant companies can utilize. Prodport helps brands convert their passion into a universal yet targeted customer experience.

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