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3 Ways to Personalize Your Product Page for #BFCM

Ohad Hecht

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, many online stores are beginning to build landing pages in support of the holidays. However, creating landing pages can be costly, time-consuming, and add an additional click to the user journey—rather than sending people directly to the product page and reducing purchase friction.

With adaptive product information, you can now personalize all the components on the product page in real time, in minutes—without any changes to your layout or URL.

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Here are three ideas on how you can personalize your product page for #BFCM:

  1. Create a version that focuses on gifting. Describe the reasons it’s the best gift idea and use persuasive language to encourage visitors to purchase the item as a present for someone else. Be sure to include strong visuals (e.g., images or videos) that show the product in use.  Think about romantic gifts – if you can identify demographic info of the shopper (age, gender, location, etc.), adapt the content to the data.
  2. In a time when your paid marketing CPM is the highest of the year and competition is at its peak, Link your ads directly to specific products on your website rather than your homepage or landing page. This will help increase ROAS (return on ad spend) and conversion rates.  Use the same content or similar content for your audience on this version of your product page. Embed the best discounts and offers,you have right on the product page version in real time. Make sure this page has an expiration date after Cyber Monday.
  3. Connect your first party data messaging, email and or/sms to a specially designed version of your product page:  Since you have the data, why not use it to personalize your content? This will increase user engagement and conversion. Use customer data to create a personalized experience for each visitor. For example, if you know a visitor is located in a cold-weather climate, you could highlight products that are available in warmer colors or suggest items that would work well as layering pieces. You could also recommend complementary products based on items they have viewed or purchased in the past.

Whether you’re gearing up for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, there are many ways you can adapt your product page and create product versions in order to truly make it stand out and appeal to shoppers. With adaptive product information, you can create unique and personalized versions of your product page that cater to different audiences, giving you a competitive edge during the holiday shopping season. So what are you waiting for? Get started today and personalize your product page for BFCM! turn your product pages into 1:1 conversations with your customers to boost conversion rates.

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