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Use Cases

Ways to Increase Your Store’s Conversion Rate

Here are three e-commerce specific strategies that you can put in place within minutes to increase your store’s conversion rates.

Three Proven Use Cases
Designed for E-Commerce

Utilize ALL of your Content

Shopify restricts how you can utilize your valuable content.  Start using all of your content assets to drive conversion rates higher.  Our proven organize, vary, test approach allows e-commerce brands to test all of their valuable content assets, including all forms of UGC and ad copy, and deliver those assets anywhere on your site, including the product page.  Optimized content can then be used to deliver personalized experiences to each of your customers thereby increasing conversion. 

”Prodport’s tools enabled us to dynamically tailor our product pages, information, and images to target diverse consumer groups and address their varied needs and preferences.”

Lisa Siemers


Eliminate Landing Pages

Creating landing pages is time-consuming and costly.  You use them because they provide an ability to control the experience that Shopify’s product page templates do not, until now.

Using Prodport, you can transform your product pages into dynamic, responsive narratives that adapt in real-time to your customer's journey. Deliver a seamless, personalized experience directly on the pages where conversion occurs!  No more coding hassles or design headaches. Add simplicity, not complexity, to your customer’s journey.

“Prodport’s solution provided us with the flexibility we needed to test, segment and personalize our product pages quickly and efficiently.”

Peter Neuenswander

Director of Technology, Chirp

Understand What Makes Customers Buy

Shopify provides a lot of data but it does not tell you what content works with what audience, especially at the product level.  Not knowing how your content and customers interact limits conversion rates.

Consider the effort you've put into understanding your customers from a marketing standpoint. You've built detailed profiles and segments, yet this rich knowledge often remains disconnected from your store. And still, that data only reflects what makes your customers click, not what makes them buy. 

Our approach shifts your focus from mere clicks to meaningful conversions. Understand customer behavior and preferences, and link your rich marketing data directly to your customer experience. Pinpoint the content that matters most to each customer segment. 

Give your customers the experience they seek, and watch your conversion rate skyrocket.

“Prodport enabled us to quickly create and deliver new and relevant product page experiences, and most important – deliver them to the right customers. We’re seeing terrific results and return on investment, and we highly recommend Propdort for any online store.”

Heather Stouffer


Get your product content to convert.