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21 Best Shopify Marketing Strategies

You’re not here for a basic rundown of Shopify marketing strategies. You’re here because you understand that in the competitive e-commerce market, good isn’t good enough.  This guide is your compass. We’re going to cover various effective marketing strategies – some you might be familiar with, others that might be completely new to you. ButContinue reading “21 Best Shopify Marketing Strategies”

Shopify Product Page Reimagined: The Impact of 1:1 Buyer Communication

In the Zendesk report 2023, it was revealed that companies tend to interpret personalization on their online stores narrowly. Many Shopify ecommerce businesses assume they provide exceptional customer experience to each buyer through enough personalization. After all, they set up newsletters with customer names, they’ve done some research on customer personas, and they keep repeatingContinue reading “Shopify Product Page Reimagined: The Impact of 1:1 Buyer Communication”