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Software Privacy Policy

Prodport provides software services to third party software to optimize and personalize their customers experience. For that, Prodport uses customer related data to evaluate the optimal experience and deliver it to the customer.

When a user visits a website or application using Prodport, the browser or app will make a request to Prodport’s servers with some or all of the following data:

– The visitors IP address
– The timestamp of the request
– The customer segments identified by a non-related third party service
– The current page URL
– Previously saved data from the browsers storage

None of this information makes the visitor identifiable. Furthermore, this information is used only once to determine the most optimal experience and never stored on any servers. Instead, information required for persistence is sent back to the client and stored in the visitor’s browser’s localstorage.
This means a visitor can always reset the data passed onto Prodport by clearing their browser cache, giving the visitor full control over their data.