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    Product Page
  • Personalise the buy box (hero image, title, description)
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  • Unlimited product versions
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    Product Page
  • Fully customise pages
  • Customised content creation workflows
  • Multi store structure
  • Unlimited active personalized products with unlimited product version
  • Email, chat, phone
  • Dedicated success manager
  • SLAs: Response, uptime & delivery
  • Quarterly review
  • Custom account setup
  • Strategic workshop

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Workflows and collaboration
Collaborate effectively across the organization. Stay updated with easy-to-use automations and real-time notifications with our ready workflows.
Customized Workflows
Customize workflows for effective collaboration in your organization, with easy-to-use automations and real-time notifications.
Product Page Personalization
Product title
Product description
Hero image
The primary image displayed in your product gallery.
Product media gallery
Image gallery showcases a series of images or visual content in a rotating manner, often with navigation controls for manual or automatic browsing.
Custom meta fields
Custom fields that enable to add additional structured information to your PDP.
Rich media
Images, videos, audio files, and interactive elements.
Below the fold
Content that is not immediately visible on the screen without scrolling down, typically located further down the webpage.
Product messaging
Banners that enables to communicate a product's value and benefits to the target audience, like promotions, 'made in', availability, etc.
Products and Versions
Product catalog upload
Upload the entire database of all the products available for sale on your store.
Personalized product versions
The variant of the product page that is uniquely adapted to suit an individual customer's preferences, needs, or specifications.
Live personalized products
Refers to the current and publicly accessible version of your personalized product page content on Prodport.
Creator Tools
AI description composer
Our generative AI learning composer autonomously proposes and creates product descriptions by analyzing data and responding to users' prompts.
Digital asset management
Proports' Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, simplifying your asset organization, storage, and easy access to maximize your business's creative potential.
Users storage
Store all your product content, product catalog, and media, ensuring seamless organization and accessibility.
PDP Performance Center
Analytics: Store, products & version performance
Analyze Proports' generated revenue, add-to-cart data, and bounce rate on your store, products, and product versions, and compare them to the performance of your default PDP to gain valuable insights and improve your overall sales effectiveness.
Ads Converter
Link your ads on your preferred ads platform directly to your product page, enabling dynamic responses with relevant content and boosting Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).
Email product landing page
Drive email campaigns to your product page for increased revenue
On site behavioral response
Connect your users' click behavior on the site to dynamically adapt your Product page content, providing personalized experiences and enhancing engagement.
Zero party surveys optimizer
Personalize your Product Detail Page (PDP) content based on zero-party survey data, delivering tailored experiences that engage users effectively.
CDP-first party data personalized PDP
Utilize real-time first-party data and identified users from your CDP to dynamically personalize your PDP content, delivering engaging and tailored experiences.
Multi Store Structure
Multi Brand Structure
For companies with multiple online stores, each exclusively selling products under distinct brand names, enabling focused branding and personalized shopping experiences to suit your specific needs.
Multi store fronts structure
Our multi-storefront structure caters to businesses selling the same products in different countries, with language localization, distinct URLs, and tailored content for each region, meeting your specific needs efficiently.
Supports & Services
Email & Chat
Email, Chat & Phone
We offer support for both Shopify and Shopify Plus functionalities, delivered through public or private apps.
We provide support for both standard Shopware functionalities and custom implementations, available through public or private apps.
We offer custom/bespoke store setup services, tailored to meet your unique requirements and preferences.
We offer custom/bespoke store setup services, tailored to meet your unique requirements and preferences.
Create unique and engaging user experiences with our API
SLA: response, uptime, delivery
Strategic workshop
Our strategic workshop is designed to analyze, plan, and execute your product page content in conjunction with your campaigns, predicting context, and tailoring it to suit buyer personas for better results.
Custom set up
Our custom setup is tailored to meet your unique needs and processes, ensuring a perfect fit for your business.
Dedicated CSM
Knowledge Base

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Frequently Asked Questions

Service as core & innovations as power makes our brand today.

  • What is Prodport?

    Prodport is a software solution that enables companies to personalize their product pages to specific personas and needs of their clients, whether they are an online store or selling their products offline.

  • What can I do with Prodport?

    You can achieve significant improvements in conversion rates, revenue, customer loyalty, and engagement by personalizing, testing, and optimizing your product page for each individual shopper. By dynamically adapting your store's product content to meet the unique needs of every customer, you'll create a tailored shopping experience that resonates with them, leading to increased sales and stronger customer relationships.

  • What functions do you offer?

    We offer personalized product pages, an AI content composer, and real-time targeting of personalized content to all incoming traffic, including emails, ads, anonymous content, first-party data, and the real-time web. behavior, analytics and content storage

  • Can you detect and engage with customers on iOS versions 14 to 17?

    We utilize UTM parameters to address traffic from advertisements and emails while seamlessly integrating with your Customer Data Platform (CDP) to identify and engage with known customers.


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