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  • What is Prodport?

    Prodport is a software solution that enables companies to personalize their product pages to specific personas and needs of their clients, whether they are an online store or selling their products offline.

  • Is this similar to web personalization?

    Traditional web personalization enables companies to split test different landing pages and add recommendations. Due to the complex nature of the product page, they've remained stagnant without the ability to match content to specific users—until now.

  • How does it actually work?

    1. We’ll connect with your eCommerce platform, PIM, and/or CMS to download all the relevant products. 2. We’ll create a product page template that matches the one you have. 3. We’ll suggest, create, and enable you to generate, publish, test, and optimize new content for different visitors.

  • Which type of integrations you have?

    Out of the box we have native Shopify and Magento plugins. Our Headless API will enable you to integrate our microservices to any front-end solution you have. Follow our available integrations on the integrations page, and contact us if you have specific requests for integrations.