Beyond Standard Product Messaging: The Power of Personalized, Real-Time Information

Product messaging is in the midst of a transformation – driven by artificial intelligence and tools like ChatGPT. Many companies believe that crafting the perfect product message ends with creating a good prompt. However, this perspective oversimplifies a process often fraught with many other challenges.  So, how to speak to your customers so that they […]

Shopify Product Page Reimagined: The Impact of 1:1 Buyer Communication

In the Zendesk report 2023, it was revealed that companies tend to interpret personalization on their online stores narrowly. Many Shopify ecommerce businesses assume they provide exceptional customer experience to each buyer through enough personalization. After all, they set up newsletters with customer names, they’ve done some research on customer personas, and they keep repeating […]

Overcoming the Summer Slump in eCommerce: Conversions with Personalized Content on Product Pages

The summer season often brings challenges for ecommerce businesses, with lower conversion rates as customers spend less time online and more time on vacations and leisure activities. But there’s data-driven hope. To combat the summer slump, businesses need to adapt their strategies and offer personalized content that addresses the unique needs of their target audience. […]

Revolutionizing Ecommerce Funnel Management: The Power of Bottom-Up Segmentation and Personalization in Online Fitness Retail

In online fitness retail, standing out among competitors can be challenging. However, a leading fitness equipment and software company collaborated with a savvy marketing team and discovered an innovative approach to overcome this challenge: the bottom-up segmentation and personalization approach. This strategy involves tailoring content to align with users’ preferences and needs based on how […]

3 Ways to Personalize Your Product Page for #BFCM

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, many online stores are beginning to build landing pages in support of the holidays. However, creating landing pages can be costly, time-consuming, and add an additional click to the user journey—rather than sending people directly to the product page and reducing purchase friction. With adaptive product information, you […]

5 Product Page Personalization Challenges—and How to Solve Them — Before Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Personalization is not a buzzword—and it’s no longer an option for e-commerce brands. It’s now expected. In fact, a recent study from Elastic found that 88 percent of online shoppers are more likely to continue shopping on an e-commerce website that offers a personalized experience. For Gen Z and millennial shoppers, that number increases to […]