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WEAT gets a 136% increase in conversion rates, with 10.5X ROI, using adaptive product page tactics

Prodport Team

About WEAT:

WEAT is an e-commerce company that sells a wide range of accessible luxury handbags, accessories, and other products. The label embodies all things feminine, functional and fashion forward. It offers a fresh generation of designs in a variety of styles and colors, using high-end materials and getting every detail right. It focuses on sustainability and and aims to charm a generation of go-getting, game-changing, travel-loving women around the globe.


36% Increase in conversion rates

10.5x ROI


The problem faced by WEAT was how to adapt their product pages, information, images, and marketing promotions to target different consumer groups and address different consumer sentiments. In conjunction with the desire to treat customers based on their needs in real time, they were looking  to offer specific promotions and offers to customers who based on specific campaigns rather than applying a general discount codes to all their customers and prospects. Furthermore, they needed a solution that could offer different versions of their product pages without requiring any code changes.Weat Case Study


With the help of Prodport, WEAT was able to dynamically adjust their product content, including descriptions and images, to provide more relevant information that appeals to their target audience. This includes engaging content such as UGC, the brand’s story, and styling suggestions, which were displayed specifically for different audience groups, such as travelers and Valentine’s Day shoppers. Furthermore, WEAT was able to test different versions of the product page to determine which ones were most effective.

WEAT’s team also utilized Prodport to offer specific, real-time promotions on the product page to customers who engaged with their ads and email campaigns. This allowed WEAT to provide targeted promotions without needing to offer a general discount code to all customers.

The solution was deployed across different stores and languages, providing relevant and engaging content that was localized to each country and language.Weat Case Study Graphic 2

Prodport’s tools enabled us to dynamically tailor our product pages, information, and images to target diverse consumer groups and address their varied needs and preferences. We were able to deliver localized and personalized messaging that catered to each shopper’s specific requirements. The versions we launched using Prodport had an immediate and significant impact on our sales without making any changes to our website’s layout or tech stack. We’re thrilled to continue leveraging Prodport’s solution to further grow our business.

Lisa Siemers, COO, WEAT