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Kanopi increases conversion rate by 70% with personalized product pages for 7+ industries

Prodport Team

About Kanopi

Kanopi is the digital storefront for Armstrong, America’s largest manufacturer of ceiling products and interior solutions for homes, healthcare facilities, classrooms, retail stores, restaurants, and more. Armstrong is a $3B+ public company traded under the AWI ticker with a global manufacturing network of 26 facilities.

Kanopi was launched by Armstrong Ceilings in late 2020 to make it easier to select, purchase, and install a new or renovated ceiling.  Kanopi offers a broad portfolio of Armstrong products online at competitive prices. The website,, provides tools and resources to help customers choose the right product for their space.


70% Increase in conversion rate
10x ROI to investment

Taking a complex product that is usually sold in physical stores by experienced people, with a relatively high order value, and bringing it online was one challenge, but creating new context – taking the relevant information and content and delivering it to the right buyer according to their needs felt impossible. I didn’t think we could digitally replicate the context of an in-store customer experience before discovering Prodport. Prodport enabled us to quickly create and deliver new and relevant product page experiences, and most important – deliver them to the right customers.  Before Prodport, we did not think this was possible.  We’re seeing terrific results and return on investment, and we highly recommend Propdort for any online store.

Heather Stouffer, Kanopi


Kanopi’s products are sold to a broad range of customers across different industries: offices, healthcare, restaurants, education, retail, churches, and data centers.

These different customers care about different aspects of the product: depending on the industry, product details like durability, ease of cleaning, acoustics, and installation guidelines can matter more or less.

In order for Kanopi’s customers to convert and purchase, they needed to provide the right content about the product aspects to the right customer, in real-time, on the product detail page.  Furthermore, Kanopi needed improvement on their Facebook ROAS, through providing the right context on the product page to customers acquired through targeted paid ads.

Kanopi’s commerce platform combination of Shopify and Shogun could only manage one product page for one SKU, and thereby could not provide the appropriate information and functionality content to their customers, which resulted in an underperforming conversion rate.

Specific challenges for Kanopi:

  1. Creating new product page experiences, highlighting relevant product aspects, to buyers visiting the store
  2. Accomplishing the above within the limitations of Shopify’s tech
  3. Aggregating existing content from social media, paid ads, their website, and their DAM
  4. Using below-the-fold rich content to elevate the browsing experience
  5. Connecting the backend technology to their Shogun headless solution
  6. Increasing Facebook Ads ROAS
  7. Enabling collaboration: editing, sharing, and authoring content across internal teams and external agencies


Using Prodport and data analytics, Kanopi analyzed the incoming traffic sources to the product page and mapped the specific information and content needs (context) for each targeted industry.

Next, Kanopi efficiently created product page versions in Prodport for each of the different industries: offices, healthcare, restaurants, education, retail, churches, and data centers.

Last, “under the hood”, Prodport used the back-end product information, added the new content, and connected to Shogun headless solution to deliver the new context in real-time to on Kanopi’s website – now, instead of generic information, prospects from different industries saw the product content that mattered most and was specific to them.

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