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Kahlmi achieves a 20x ROI on its initial Prodport investment

Prodport Team

About Kahlmi

Kahlmi is the first handheld baby massager designed to foster calming and attachment.

Kahlmi puts the power of science, nature and healing into your hands.

Foudned by Elina Furman, her vision is to foster connection and bonding at the earliest stages with babies, helping families thrive and set up a lifetime value of understanding and connection. When children are shown deep love and attention, they grow to be respectful and secure adults which creates a healthier and more compassionate society.


30% Conversion rate lift on top-performing product page variant
10% Overall lift in conversion rate sitewide
20% ROI to revenue

  • Over a short period of 10 days, Kahlmi baby massage guns were completely sold out. The top performing version yielded a 30% increase in conversion, and an average of 10% increase in conversion across the different versions tested.


Like any eCommerce platforms back-end, Kahlmi’s Shopify product page was limited by its inability to “talk”  and adapt the content to the different needs of parents and caregivers, like: baby’s gas pains, sleeping issues, teething pains, and creating a connection between the baby and its parents.

Despite the unique product, users who swear by the magic of the product and a large following community on social network and forums as well as various marketing campaigns, Kahlmi’s visitors conversion rate didn’t meet the marketing team objectives.

Kahlmi challenges were:

  1. How do we increase the conversion and revenue?
  2. The time and technical capabilities we have are limited, how fast can we see results without making backend changes to our Shopify?
  3. We’d like to see proven ROI on our investment
  4. How do we get insights that will enable us to understand our customers better and improve our content and interaction with our clients across the board?
  5. Content creation is time consuming. We do not have enough content to be able to create new versions for our audiences.

Elina and the Kahlmi team wanted to bring all their expertise, knowledge and feedback from offline consultancy sessions with parents, the reviews, case studies and testimonials as well as user generated content into product experiences that convert.


Through a strategic session that included content review, product use cases, audiences review and marketing channels, Kahlmi used Prodport to create additional versions of the product pages designed to be delivered in an equal proportion to all incoming traffic to the product page,  as following:

  1. Changing the image positions presented in the image gallery
  2. Using UGC (user generated content) from Kahlmi social handles: Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.
  3. Taking a technical approach in using content aimed to guide the users on how to best massage babies.

The store used Prodport’s Shopify plug-in to set up the account. In less than 60 minutes, that includes content gathering, putting it together and launching it the test campaigns were launched and results were immediately available.

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“It’s been an amazing experience to see the conversions, and the add to cart increases, it’s really amazing how seamless it is: I can change my product page in basically 5 seconds and test different product page versions to see which one converts better”.

Elina Furman, Kahlmi