About Furesque

Furesque is a direct-to-consumer brand that solves the problem of getting the perfect photo with you and your pet(s). Furesque combines individual photos into one cohesive portrait, for example: 

Furesque only sells online (Shopify store), and relies heavily on paid media buying, primarily on Facebook and Instagram, to acquire customers. The big problem here is a very diverse audience that Furesque needs to convert: pet owners. 

When running ads on social media, Furesque targets specific audiences, such as: 

  • Young couple with one or two pets but no kids 
  • Family with kids and many pets, some alive and some deceased 
  • Specific dog / animal breeds: Golden retrievers, rabbits, cats, horses, etc.

On social media, Furesque is able to tailor the ad creative and copy based on the targeting above. For example, if horse owners are targeted, the ad will show a portrait that uses a horse. Or often they target specific dog breeds and see a huge increase in click-through-rate (CTR) when they show an example of that specific dog breed in the portrait. For the young couple, they’d show a design like the one above; however, for a family they’d choose something like this: 

Aside from the asset, the ad creative and value proposition greatly differs between a young couple and older family – this is easily reflected in the ad copy. 

The Problem

Furesque has no problem personalizing and resonating with their different audiences on social media – they simply create different ad sets and ads. But all these ads point to the same Product Detail Page (PDP), breaking the customer journey. How can Furesque possibly address all sub-audiences within the pet niche with one PDP?!?! 

For example, perhaps Furesque targets a horse owner, or someone with cats, but they land on the PDP and see a young couple with one dog. Or, they’re in the family persona and see an ad with a large family that talks about how they can add a halo to a deceased pet; but they land on the PDP and again see a young couple with a dog. Further, the product information (e.g., description) is relatively generic and doesn’t hit upon the value proposition that captured their attention on paid media. 

All of this leads to an increase in bounce rate and a decrease in conversions. And this is not unique to Furesque, but very common in direct-to-consumer brands that sell online to a broad audience. As a result, Furesque invests heavily in retargeting and often relies on the ad selling the product to the customer – a very costly endeavor as the ad should get the click, but the PDP should make the sale. 

Prodport Impact

With Prodport, Furesque is able to have a seamless customer journey from when the potential customer first discovers Furesque on social media to landing on the PDP. Specifically, when Furesque targets an audience on social media, there’s a contextualized version created in Prodport that: 

  • Adjusts the product images with examples that resonate for that audience (e.g., family versus young couple, specific type of animal, etc.) 
  • Highlights the key value proposition, as product features / benefits, that resonate with that audience

For Furesque, it’s still one product and one PDP. But since it’s powered by Prodport, the entire product experience is assembled in real-time based on the parameters of that user. The product is a framed family portrait, but if you come from an ad that targeted a specific type of animal, you’ll see that animal as the first slot in the product image gallery, even though you’re still visiting the framed family portrait PDP.  

“With Prodport, we’re able to completely personalize our product catalog with a seamless Shopify integration. We’re a product-focused brand and it’s the only tool we’ve found that focuses on personalization for all aspects of our product detail page.” 

-Celina Viray, Furesque Brand Manager

As expected, contextualized versions significantly decrease bounce rate and increase conversions for Furesque. But one of the biggest impacts that Prodport has had is a decrease in the customer acquisition cost (CAC). Traditionally, it took a handful of touchpoints and retargeting for Furesque to convert a customer; however, with the contextualized versions in Prodport, they see a dramatic increase in conversions at the top of the funnel. And most importantly, their ads are getting clicks, but the PDP is making the sale!