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ettitude sees a 57.99% increase in conversion rates with 150X ROI through UGC and dynamic product pages integration

Prodport Team

Introduction: Unveiling ettitude’s Eco-friendly Vision

In the realm where sustainable living meets modern luxury, ettitude stands as a distinct brand, committed to transforming everyday essentials into ethically crafted pieces of art. Their ethos is centered around creating bedding and towels that combine luxury with environmental responsibility, ensuring comfort without compromise.

ettitude: Beyond the Ordinary

With their revolutionary fabric technology – CleanBamboo® – ettitude upholds the fusion of luxury and sustainability. Unlike bamboo viscose/rayon fabrics available on the market which use harmful chemicals, ettitude’s innovative lyocell process employs a food-grade solvent and a closed-loop system to create bedding that’s sumptuously soft and healthy for consumer and the planet. Their 100% traceable supply chain ensures the bamboo feedstock is from FSC-certified organic farms.

ettitude offers dermatologist- and sleep scientist-recommended products that are hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, and thermoregulating, delivering an unparalleled sleep experience.

The brand’s offerings underscore their commitment to sustainability by using innovative, non-toxic dyes to achieve a vibrant palette helping customers achieve their design visions without harmful impacts.

ettitude is certified Climate Neutral, B Corp, and member of 1% for the Planet.


150x ROI    57.99% Conversion rate increase

The Challenge: Enhancing Online Engagement

While ettitude’s reputation as an eco-luxury pioneer soared, they faced a common e-commerce challenge: translating exceptional product quality into captivating online experiences. As they introduced diverse color variants for their signature bedding, conveying how these options seamlessly integrate into customers’ lives became a priority.

The Solution: Amplifying UGC and Dynamic Product Pages

Recognizing the potency of user-generated content (UGC), ettitude partnered with Prodport to embark on a transformative journey. The solution centered around integrating UGC to illustrate real-life scenarios of their bedding color palettes in customers’ homes. Moreover, Prodport introduced dynamic product pages – alternative versions that enriched default product pages with additional content, tested and delivered to anonymous users seamlessly without altering layout or backend. Remarkably, the deployment took merely an hour.

The Results: Unveiling the Triumphs

The outcomes were truly extraordinary. ettitude’s UGC integration, coupled with dynamic product pages through Prodport, led to remarkable improvements in engagement and conversions. The conversion rates witnessed a 57.99% improvement, and ettitude saw a 150X ROI with Prodport, underscoring the potency of this strategy.

A Note from Nicole Mills, eCommerce Web Manager of ettitude

Reflecting on this collaboration, Nicole, ettitude’s Web Manager, shared her insights: “Prodport’s dynamic product pages empowered us to showcase the versatility of our offering without disrupting the user experience, and being a cost effective solution that more than pays for itself. The results speak volumes, with a 57.99% conversion rate increase. It’s a game-changer for brands seeking authentic engagement.”

Conclusion: Shaping Tomorrow Through Sustainable Stories

ettitude’s narrative extends beyond bedding; it’s about reshaping commerce through environmental stewardship. The collaboration between ettitude and Prodport serves as a testament to the fusion of purpose and innovation. By weaving user stories and dynamic product pages into their strategy, ettitude not only bolstered its digital presence but also nurtured a community of conscious consumers, increasing conversions by 57.99%.

The example of ettitude demonstrates the power of genuine interaction, leading towards a more sustainable future. By combining user-generated content (UGC) with dynamic product pages, brands can magnify their influence and transform online commerce without sacrificing authenticity.