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Product Recommendations: Why is it Worth Sending them?

Ohad Hecht

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You probably know that feeling, then you get THE recommendation of the product that just stole your heart in a second. And it saved you plenty of time because you didn’t have to spend hours looking for it. How great is that?

Do you want the same for your customers?

If you are looking for ways to fine-tune your product recommendation strategy, here we are! You’ll find more than a dozen best practices for sending relevant recommendations. 

But before, we need to get the answer to…

Why should you send product recommendations?

With just a bit of effort, you can send the recommendation to your customers and get more sales as a response. But it’s not the only benefit, there are more:

Product recommendations drive more sales because they feel personal

When a shopper sees products that they like, it feels like they’re listened to. It’s because relevant products pop up, not just the popular items everyone sees. The personalization steps in here. 

Customers get relevant suggestions that match what they’re into

And it is the reason they stay with you! So it’s a win-win. They see what they like and might need, and you gain more loyal clients.

💡 Also, except for sending the product recommendations, you can display them on a website using product recommendation engines or even recommendation widgets. Then, online businesses suggest relevant products, not just what’s popular.

Recommendations make people stay at your website longer

Because they want to explore to get more, better, and cheaper. Each recommendation acts as a new point of interest. They make visitors click, read, or view more pages.

15+ best practices for sending product recommendations

And to make the most of product recommendations, we’ve provided a bunch of tips and best practices. Some might surprise you.

#1 Showcase select items on the main page

🖥️ How is it beneficial for your business?

Putting special items on the main page catches eyes quickly, which might get more sales. With tools that suggest products, businesses can create a suggestion that drives sales and makes people browse more.

You can also create a product discovery tab so it’s easier for visitors to see the product recommendation examples. And don’t forget to add the newest product releases. 

Did you know that you can make your product pages tailored to your customers? It’s possible with Prodport. So after the shoppers find the perfect product, they can browse the product pages that contain customized content just for them.

🧍How is it beneficial for online shoppers?

They don’t have to search hard for items they’ve been looking for. You can also display the comments and ratings of your offerings. Seeing what others like or say about a product makes clients more sure about buying, and they don’t have to leave your page to look for product reviews.

#2 Highlight today’s special offers

🖥️ How is it beneficial for your business?

Time-limited deals create a buzz and urgency. And this may lead to quicker purchases. On top of it, businesses can move inventory faster and potentially attract new customers drawn to exclusive bargains. It may also help with customer retention.

🧍 How is it beneficial for online shoppers?

Shoppers get to see the best deals right away. It saves them money on items they might want. You can add detailed descriptions and feedback, so it’s even more convenient to shop.

#3 Personalize suggestions based on past purchases

🖥️ How is it beneficial for your business?

Personalized product recommendations make it more possible to upsell or cross-sell products. Which, in turn, maximizes sales revenue.

🧍 How is it beneficial for online shoppers?

When they see suggestions based on items they’ve bought before, it makes the search process much shorter. They don’t have to dig that deep to find new products they’ll love. No need for extensive browsing.

#4 Introduce the latest arrivals

🖥️ How is it beneficial for your business?

It keeps the product lineup fresh and exciting, so both new and returning customers are eager to explore what’s new. So it brings more website traffic. Constant updates also signal that you’re up-to-date with the market.

🧍 How is it beneficial for online shoppers?

Shoppers are sure that they don’t miss out on any new items that are in trend. They get a fresh shopping experience every time they go. And maybe they’ll make some additional purchases.

#5 Spotlight current discounts and promotions

🖥️ How is it beneficial for your business?

You’ll get visitors’ attention and make them scroll for tempting deals. It can drive more traffic to the site, increase sales volume, and even clear out old stock. But remember to display the promotion in a place that is easily accessible.

🧍 How is it beneficial for online shoppers?

Online shoppers will see the value for their money right away when they enter your online shop. This not only saves them money but also adds to the thrill of finding a bargain.

#6 Show top-selling items

🖥️ How is it beneficial for your business?

Go through your clients’ previous purchases to choose the top products. Displaying proven favorites gives new products or less-known items a chance to shine. 

It also serves as social proof – it illustrates to potential customers that many others have found value in these products. You can include such products in your email campaigns or create a series of posts on your social media, for example.

🧍 How is it beneficial for online shoppers?

It’s a quick guide to what’s trending or most loved by others. It reduces the guesswork in making a purchase decision, especially if they’re unfamiliar with the brand or product range.

#7 Suggest items with high customer reviews

🖥️ How is it beneficial for your business?

Positive feedback from users gives a hint of whether it’s worth buying the product or not. If they’re positive, you might expect higher conversion rates. The reviews act as a form of word-of-mouth marketing, often considered one of the most influential factors in purchasing decisions.

🧍 How is it beneficial for online shoppers?

It’s reassurance. Seeing items that are highly recommended by others reduces uncertainty and risk. It makes prospects feel more confident in their buying decision.

#8 Use SMS and email campaigns to send special deals

🖥️ How is it beneficial for your business?

You can easily send personalized messages to your customers with a little help from Prodport’s campaign connectors. Create an amazing campaign and use it for sending e-commerce product recommendations. 

🧍 How is it beneficial for online shoppers?

They are targeted with product recommendations on the product the shopper may dream about at a lower price. And they get personalized product suggestions right to their smartphones, so they won’t overlook them.A graphic that shows how Prodport link together different channels and product pages.

#9 Recommend items that have caught a visitor’s attention

🖥️ How is it beneficial for your business?

It’s a proactive approach. You offer customers products they’ve been curious about, which might otherwise go unnoticed. So it makes them keep browsing, and the purchasing session on your website is longer. 

🧍 How is it beneficial for online shoppers?

It feels like a personalized shopping journey. It saves them the effort of searching for the same product again and may even convince them to take a second look or make a purchase.

#10 Be clear and concise in your descriptions

🖥️ How is it beneficial for your business?

Descriptions like these eliminate confusion and reduce the chances of potential misunderstandings or returns. When customers have a clear understanding of what they’re purchasing, they’re more likely to be satisfied with their choice.

🧍 How is it beneficial for online shoppers?

Buyers can quickly learn what the product is, its features, and its benefits. They don’t have to wade through unnecessary jargon or lengthy explanations. It reduces the chances of post-purchase regret, as they know exactly what they’re getting. 

The customer satisfaction level will go up after all.

#11 Display recommendations after adding an item to the cart

🖥️ How is it beneficial for your business?

Showing the product at this moment is an opportune moment to suggest complementary or related products. Which may increase the upselling or cross-selling potential. The practice may also bring you a higher average order value and generate more revenue from a single transaction.

Think about incorporating the post-purchase product recommendations – they might work as well.

Sometimes, customers leave without buying the items. Send them abandoned cart emails, then.

🧍 How is it beneficial for online shoppers?

Shoppers don’t have to spend their time looking for products that go well with their chosen item. They might discover something they never thought of but would find useful or appealing.

A graphic that shows a woman with a shopping cart.


#12 Offer package deals

🖥️ How is it beneficial for your business?

Package deals present products at a slightly reduced price when bought together. It’s attractive for businesses in terms of volume sales – it’s a strategic way to sell additional items, especially if bundling slower-moving items with popular products.

But make sure that the product combinations you create will draw the buyers’ attention. Nobody wants dusty products, even if they’re paired with brand-new ones, right? Make the product categories go well together, then.

🧍 How is it beneficial for online shoppers?

It means savings and convenience. Buyers get multiple products they want at a better price than if bought separately – they don’t have to hunt for each item individually. 

See the tactics for a personalized product recommendation strategy.

#13 Point out items that are often purchased together

🖥️ How is it beneficial for your business?

This strategy relies on existing user behaviors to generate even more sales. You highlight the combinations proven to work well together and encourage customers to spend more in a single transaction.

🧍 How is it beneficial for online shoppers?

Seeing such pairs gives an idea and insights into how products can complement each other. It’s a kind of feedback where users indirectly say: “Hey! Those two together are a fire combo!”.

#14 Promote what others bought

🖥️ How is it beneficial for your business?

Pointing out things bought together is one thing, but promoting them is a step further. It might boost the product visibility and, in turn, make conversion rates go up. Use social media, email marketing, and SMS for this.

🧍 How is it beneficial for online shoppers?

They are offered trusted choices at a lower price. It may make the whole decisive process a bit faster and help them navigate among all the products available. So, it’s a time- and money-saving option for shoppers.

#15 Consider bundling together complementary products

🖥️ How is it beneficial for your business?

You signal that you take care of your visitors and want to make a solid user experience. Complementary product recommendations mean that you know your customers. 

🧍 How is it beneficial for online shoppers?

They might take it as personalized recommendations – you promote the things that they like, packed together.

#16 Add suggestions in the mini cart view

🖥️ How is it beneficial for your business?

As a customer shows exit intent, introducing relevant product suggestions can encourage them to add more to their cart. It might serve as a reminder of products they wanted to purchase, so the average order value may go up.

💡 Then, you can provide more types of product recommendations. For example, best-selling products, newest product lines, dynamic recommendations, or peer-generated recommendations – the options are limitless.

And can be a moment for a personalized experience as well.

🧍 How is it beneficial for online shoppers?

They add the relevant items without leaving their shopping carts. Maybe, in the mini cart view, there are things that go well with what they’re buying. It saves time, is convenient, and takes only a few clicks.

A graphic that shows people who are doing shopping online.


As you can see, there are many benefits of product recommendations.

If you haven’t gone beyond the personalized recommendations out of your brick-and-mortar store, it’s high time to change this. Create amazing customer journeys online as well (if you run an e-shop). With the right tools, it is much easier and faster. 

Is showing relevant product recommendations one of your business goals? You don’t know where to start? Kickstart your online store sales with dynamic product pages.

Experience the power of product recommendations with Prodport

There’s one more tip we would like to share to make personalized product recommendations even stronger. 

What is it exactly? It’s Prodport

Prodport homepage with personalized product recommendations.

Prodport is a tool for online shops that changes product pages to create better shopping experiences.

It uses artificial intelligence and customer behavior to come up with unique product titles and descriptions that you can adjust later on.

With Prodport, your website works faster and shows content quickly. You do not need to change your website’s layout or address. Choose who sees your products based on where they come from, how many times they visit, and what they do on your site.

Help prospects and customers decide to buy additional products and add their dreamt items to their carts. On top of that, you’ll see fewer people leaving the site without buying. Check out the case studies, and see the numbers yourself.

It doesn’t matter what type of product recommendation you pick for your strategy. Having a great product page with relevant descriptions and a user-friendly design may help them to make a good shopping decision.

You can try Prodport for free to build product pages for each individual customer. Give them the special experience they deserve.

Product recommendations concluded

It’s totally worth sending custom product recommendations! It might be a big gain for both a business and prospects. You can make your conversion rates go up high, and your customers can find their favorite products in a flash. 

On top of that, we can say that after reading our blog post, you know how to use the potential of product recommendations to the fullest.

And it doesn’t have to mean additional manual work to make your customers get interested in what you offer. The solid tool is all you need.

Create a thoughtful personalized product page and enjoyable customer experience with Prodport. Get a demo!