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PLP vs PDP: All You Should Know

In e-commerce, what really matters the most is the user experience. From the moment a potential customer lands on your website to the point they make a purchase, every step should be seamless. Two critical components that play a significant role in this journey are the Product Listing Page (PLP) and the Product Detail Page […]

30+ Black Friday Promotion Ideas for Ecommerce

This year, Black Friday is approaching faster than ever. This shopping extravaganza has become synonymous with incredible deals and discounted prices. But so it’s not just a big shopping spree for many. Most importantly, it’s a golden opportunity for online retailers. Are you ready to make the most out of it? To help you, we’ve […]
abandoned cart recovery

Turning Abandoned Carts into Completed Purchases

Over 70% – this is the shopping cart abandonment rate in 2023. This means that you could be missing out on even 70% of potential income coming into your business. How to prevent this? Read our ultimate guide on abandoned cart recovery and never miss a purchase again! What is abandoned cart recovery? Abandoned cart recovery […]

Beyond Standard Product Messaging: The Power of Personalized, Real-Time Information

Product messaging is in the midst of a transformation – driven by artificial intelligence and tools like ChatGPT. Many companies believe that crafting the perfect product message ends with creating a good prompt. However, this perspective oversimplifies a process often fraught with many other challenges.  So, how to speak to your customers so that they […]

Product Information Management in the Age of Adaptation

E-commerce website users now expect to have all the information they might need to make a decision right away – and that it will be tailored to their needs.  With the product and customer data scattered around multiple systems and tools, though, this might be quite a hard task for e-commerce brands – especially if […]

Mastering Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Ecommerce Strategy

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the most important annual shopping events for ecommerce businesses. To make the most out of these high-traffic holiday sales, a well-planned strategy is absolutely necessary.  But how to create one? How to stand out in this holiday shopping season and earn that billion in sales? You don’t […]

Shopify Product Page Reimagined: The Impact of 1:1 Buyer Communication

In the Zendesk report 2023, it was revealed that companies tend to interpret personalization on their online stores narrowly. Many Shopify ecommerce businesses assume they provide exceptional customer experience to each buyer through enough personalization. After all, they set up newsletters with customer names, they’ve done some research on customer personas, and they keep repeating […]

Abandoned Cart Email That Work: 30+ Examples To Get Inspired

E-commerce is a thriving marketplace, but it’s not without its challenges. One of the biggest hurdles is cart abandonment. It’s like a customer walking into a brick-and-mortar store, filling their cart with items, and then just… leaving. Frustrating, isn’t it? But here’s the silver lining: abandoned cart emails. They’re the secret weapon of savvy online […]

The Art of Personalization: Crafting a Product Landing Page with Adaptive Information

Based on recent studies, one can conclude – personalization on product landing pages is far from expectations, and the customers don’t see it the same way the brands do. Then, it’s fair to say that well-implemented personalization practices in e-commerce are more of an exception than a rule. And this is an opportunity that you […]

Overcoming the Summer Slump in eCommerce: Conversions with Personalized Content on Product Pages

The summer season often brings challenges for ecommerce businesses, with lower conversion rates as customers spend less time online and more time on vacations and leisure activities. But there’s data-driven hope. To combat the summer slump, businesses need to adapt their strategies and offer personalized content that addresses the unique needs of their target audience. […]