Your Guide to eCommerce Personalization in a
Cookie-Less World

As Google’s cookie ban closes in and Apple’s iOS updates have made digital advertising more challenging, brands have to future-proof their personalization strategies, or simply be left behind. For many, it could feel like being forcefully pushed back to square one, but it doesn’t have to be. In our newest guide, you’ll learn:

  • How the eCommerce landscape has changed over the years, and what it will look like soon.
  • What the future of cookie-less commerce looks like and how you can prepare
  • Actionable next steps to take your eCommerce personalization to the next level

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  • orange_quote
    Elina Furman
    “It’s been an amazing experience to see the conversions, and the add to cart increases, it’s really amazing how seamless it is: I can change my product page in basically 5 seconds and test different product page versions to see which one converts better”.
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    Briggs Rajagopalan
    "As part of our quest to offer a full personalized experiences to our clients, we envisioned a personalized product page that adapts its content to our customers needs in real time. Prodport does just that.”